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I'm happy

but you don't like me

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I wear rose coloured glasses. Well, really they're yellow but they make everything look happier. I live in Brunswick, Melbourne and (as much as a suburb can) it inspires me every day. The people are wonderful (mostly *eyeroll*), the food is great (except for when the health department gets called on your favourite cafe), the weather is always unpredictable (not so sure why this is a good thing...) and the atmosphere is relaxed (everyone goes home for a beer at the end of the day, no matter what your age).

Me, I'm a student some of the time but mostly I'm just in transition. I draw. I watch movies. I watch tv. I collect bright coloured milk crates like everyone else in Brunswick.

I write femslash and character studies although I'm currently in the middle of cataloguing and fixing all of my cringeworthy stories from when I was in high school. Stories will remain unlocked and will be listed by fandom, pairing, length and eventually rating.

Feel free to drop me a line any time ♥

Resource list for textures:
- yoostyna
- 99mockingbirds

Resource list for caps:
- babybeatbox
- killcolor