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My first post of the year and my first post in my 20s. I'm starting to feel a little bit older (considering I didn't the last couple of birthdays, this was sort of unexpected) but it's in a good way. 

I have a few things I need to post to people (because even though I'm feeling older, I am in no way grown up yet and regularly put off things for no reason) and while I'm at it, I was wondering if anyone wanted to swap addresses and postcards/care packages? Message me if you do because gathering items is great fun and receiving them is even better! (aphrodite_mine - I got your package two days before my birthday and I loved it :D) I'm stocking up on postcards, so if you want one, please give me your address. (zephyr_tempest - I found yours but as I said, I suck and haven't sent things yet)

I've got a few fics and drabbles in the works or saved on my computer, not to mention the original I spoke about in the last post which has now reached true saga proportions, so some of those will hopefully get posted in the near future. 

So, natural disaster in Australia, hey? It sorta sucks. Touch wood none of my family has been hurt, though word has it my Aunt's house is flooded in central Victoria. I had cousins who were supposed to evacuate Brisbane but I think they were okay in the end. And my parent's house came close when the creek near them flooded. Prayers to all those souls who are lost or missing. 

How has everyone's new year been? 

three things

i. I received a high distinction in my drawing class, which is always nice to hear. 

ii. I got into the course I wanted for next year: Cert III in Visual Arts at the CAE (it's only three days a week but basically covers the same things as a first semester diploma).

iii. I've been working on character development for a fantasy saga which involves all sorts of people, pairings and adventures - would any of you be interested in reading some snippets? 

p.s. here's the link to my deviantart account, it's a little sparse at the moment but hopefully I'll be adding some more soon. If you've got an account, please watch me so I can see your stuff. 


I just got home from my second (and last) interview for tafe/uni next year and it actually went well. They said I'll definitely be offered a place in the certificate I was applying for and that depending on the people they interview in the next week, I'll probably be offered a place in the diploma. Which is sort of amazing considering my folio really only had about six good pages. 

So it looks like I'll be a student for real next year. 

Lip Service

Ah Lip Service. If you have not watched this show, please use up all your bandwidth right now. You can watch all of the episodes on youtube here.

Dear Lip Service creators,

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I've already got two fic's started, so there should be something finished soon. 


Hi there everyone *waves* I'm back again, for however long this time. It's been great chatting to some of you the last couple of days but there's still so many people I need to catch up with! So how are you all going? Are you single? Dating? A year older? Tell me something that happened to you in the last few months.

As for me, I've got three more weeks of my drawing course left and then I have to find something to take up my time. I bought my first teefury shirt a couple of weeks ago so I'm looking forward to getting that one in the mail. Other than that, not much has been going on. But hey, it's two months 'til my birthday which I'm excited for not because it's my birthday but because Black Swan will be out the day before. 

Hope to catch up with you all soon xoxox