frankie (cyandragonfly) wrote,

Glee fic: Santana/Brittany - Words


Title: Words
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Santana/Brittany
Rating: G
Word count: 409

Spoilers: 2x15

A/N: Not too sure what this is, it sort of just fell out. And it's very comma heavy. Thanks to lucifers_toy  for encouragement. 


The one thing Santana hated to be, was honest. Letting her truth fall out, losing all control she might once have had over the words as soon as they've left her mouth - she knows what the rumour mill is like, she is the head of it most days.

She's not sure who said it first, or if it's just one of those snippets of wisdom that anyone can come up with on their own, but she does believe it's true that words have power. And if she was to ever let her own words, her precious truths, to spill from her lips - then they wouldn't be her words any longer. They would weave through the air, tapping people on their shoulders, letting them know all her secrets.

Those words would, inevitably, make their way steadily towards the person who needed to hear them the most. The person they were intended for. The girl who had both never received her truth and most deserved to be the first witness to it.

But letting the words go and having the right person hear them, that exchanges power from Santana to - well, Brittany. She could hardly ever be honest with herself see, and she had been keeping this a secret for so very long. It almost felt wrong even thinking about saying it out loud because thanks to Brittany's insistence and Holly's nudging, that's exactly what she was doing.

It was so right that her heart felt like it was about to explode. The song, to be honest because that's what she was trying to do now, had been her own little anthem going on two years now ever since she was researching Stevie Nicks thanks to a remark Puck had made one night. The first time she heard it, her ears had pricked up at the lyrics and it soon took her over completely. She could loose herself in the words and the melody and the voice, just as easily as she could lose herself with Brittany.

Her words thought, they'd been hidden too long. And no matter how afraid they made her, it was time to let them go. Time to release them on the wind with a prayer and wish for the best.

All the while she tried to ignore the stinging in the back of her eyes - this silent hope that her truth would be well received when she finally let it fly free.

Tags: fandom: glee, fanfiction, length: 200-500, pairing: brittany/santana, rating: g

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