frankie (cyandragonfly) wrote,

Mirrormask fic: Helena/anti-Helena - The Game

Title: The Game
Prompt: Porn Battle IX - Black
Fandom: Mirrormask
Pairing: Helena/anti-Helena
Rating: R
Word count: 412


"You don't get to do it again," are the first words that tumble out of her mouth when she sees the copy of herself standing at the foot of her bed. Her anti-twin's eyes flash in the dark and she tilts her head, neck craning.

"Do what?" She questions, her voice lilting and strange. Helena pulls herself out from under the covers and pushes back until she's sitting against the headboard, neck arched to mirror the princess in front of her.

"Swap." She says it lowly, adding a glare that would turn a cat to stone. "I know the game now. I can play it better than you." Anti-Helena smirks.

"I changed the rules." Helena doesn't blink but her twin is leaning over her, hands on either side of her body. "See if you can catch on." She feels it as a bite before it turns into a kiss. Her hands try to push against familiar shoulders but they're being held down by identical palms. She gasps at the quick drag of a tongue and tastes a different kind of air to what she's used to. It's tangy. Metallic even.

Her open mouth turns into a gateway for feeling and it's almost as if a blade has taken up residence inside, brushing back and forward, cutting at the flesh of her cheeks. She bites down on it instinctively and swallows the moan that comes back. Her eyes open and she smiles. Maybe she can play this game too.

Helena pushes forward against the body in front of her and feels a wave of something go through her body. Her twin must feel it too because the hands holding her wrists loosen and she uses the space to force the anti-Helena on her back.

She kisses her, hard. Teeth collide and tongues fight for some kind of higher ground. Her hand is on skin and scraping over a breast and across a nipple before she realises. She pinches once and grins at the hips that rise beneath her. Helena pulls back, ceases all motion and watches her copy.

"I'm pretty sure I won." She raises an eyebrow at the half lidded eyes below her. They're black.

She shivers.

Her nails scrape down pale skin one more time and she tries to ignore the pulsing that starts in her groin as the anti-Helena's back arches below her.

"Go home," she says as she sits up. "There's only room in this world for one of us."

Tags: fandom: mirrormask, fanfiction, length: 200-500, pairing: helena/anti-helena, rating: r

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