The Inside fic: Rebecca/Gem - Home

Title: Home
Fandom: The Inside
Pairing: Rebecca/Gem
Rating: PG
Word count: 555
Prompt: femslash100's 300th Challenge Celebration, Damaged Goods (I just made it a little too long to post)
AO3: here

Spoilers: 1x12

A/N: For aphrodite_mine, because not only was it her prompt but with anything to do with this fandom she's pretty much my muse. 

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My bedroom currently looks like Sarah's in Labyrinth when the walls start caving in. On the up side, I'm almost finished a birthday present for one of my best mates which is a skate deck with a marijuana care bear on it. The second coat's almost finished, just have to redo the outline.

I'm in a writing mood but don't know what to do. I'm thinking of rewatching the 'Gem' episode of The Inside and writing a Rebecca/Gem fic (yes, this is thanks to you, aphrodite_mine ) but aside from that, do any of you have ideas for me? Rare pairing maybe, or one of my usual fandoms? If a couple of you want to chuck a prompt at me, I'd really appreciate it.